• ASParchment

    AllStory Parchment Theme :)

  • MembersOnly (MO)

    MembersOnly is a Commercial eFiction Module to add support for Paid Members Only eFiction Arvhives with File Download Purchases and Monthly Browsing Memberships.

  • ePubVersion

    ePubVersion is an eFiction 3.x module that creates on-the-fly ePUB eBooks for Single Chapter and Multi Chapter stories.

    eFiction is a CMS catering to Fiction Archive sites.

    ePub (or EPUB, ePUB, EPub, epub) is an Electronic Publication format (or eBook) supported by most Hardware and Software eBook readers. The most notible exception being the Amazon Kindle....

  • Fictioneer

    Fictioneer is a Fork of eFiction 3.5.3 to update the code to current standards, and maintain as much compatibility as possible.

  • GravEL

    GravEL (or Gravatar Efiction Link or GEL) is a module for adding Gravatar avatars to eFiction 3.x profiles.
    (Future versions will support full Gravatar profiles via an added "Gravatar Profile" tab.)

    eFiction is a CMS catering to Fiction Archive sites.

  • To do list...

    Keep a list here of things to do


    Wiki Heroes Open Multi Player System

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